About Us

Goodnight Groofs is an independent media production team focused on creatively providing commentary on the video game landscape, and tangentially-related areas of pop culture, with enthusiasm, unapologetic authenticity, and diverse thinking for a massively underserved gaming community that deserves such honest, genuine, and fun content.

The Groofs

Matt | @Skwrrlz

Matt started gaming on a hand-me-down NES in the mid-90s, and he hasn’t stopped ever since. These days, you’ll normally find him on his PlayStation or PC, but he’ll have a cup of coffee with his Switch and Xbox every once in a while as well. Matt is always willing to try any new open world adventure game, MMO, action RPG, or 3D platformer. Among his favorite games of all-time are The Witcher 3, World of Warcraft, The Last of Us, Halo 2, and Pokémon Silver. Matt is involved in all aspects of Goodnight Groofs.


Paul is a pop-culture wizard who loves technology and gaming. You will probably find him somewhere on YouTube, either watching smartphone/PC review videos or enthralled in an hour-long video essay about the governmental structure of the Elder Scrolls universe. Paul also loves casual games and spends way too much time on Bubble Shooter. Paul is involved in all aspects of the site and you will see him around a lot. Feel free to say hi!

Mike | @Whiteghost117

Mike entered gaming with his dad’s old Atari 2600 and a copy of Dig Dug. Since then, gaming has been his passion whether on PC, console, or tabletop. Lately, he’s taken to learning more about game design and production. You can usually find him streaming weekly on Twitch (“Whiteghost117“) where you can catch him ranting about boss design or storytelling. He plays a variety of games from competitive FPS and MOBAs to story driven narrative games to open-world RPGs. Mike is involved in some aspects of the Groofs, and looks forward to getting to work!

Josh | @_JoshuaCooper

Josh is a guy that loves exploring worlds and grinding MMOs (mostly WoW, if we’re being honest). In addition to his gaming time, chances are he’s streaming on Twitch (“JCooperE”) giving his hot takes on fruits, or on the couch watching anime. Josh usually sticks with open world RPGs, MMOs, and FPS, with a few of his favorites being TES: Oblivion, World of Warcraft, and Battlefield. Josh is involved with a few different aspects of the site, and he’s excited to be a Groof!


Fav is a passionate lover of food, gaming, and animals – specifically southern food, RPGs, and dogs. While most of his time is spent at work whipping up wonderous meals for the masses, he manages to squeeze in a bit of gaming here and there. Perhaps a touch too loud, he loves to voice his opinion on titles like World of Warcraft, the Dark Souls Series, and the latest shooters. You can find Fav on Southern Fried Groofs holding Josh’s hand and skipping through many a war-torn world.

The Content


Replay: Every week, Matt and Paul recap and break down the biggest news stories in gaming. The show is streamed live on Twitch at 6pm Eastern every Sunday, and uploaded to podcast feeds the next day. Replay can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, various other podcast providers.

Game Groofs: Hosted by Matt, ​Game Groofs is a weekly all-encompassing gaming podcast from the Goodnight Groofs featuring news breakdowns, roundtable discussions, trivia, mini-games, and more. Patreon supporters get this show 2 days early. Game Groofs can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and various other podcast providers.


Southern Fried Groofs: Southern Fried Groofs is a comedic Let’s Play series from the Goodnight Groofs. Episodes are released on Saturday and Tuesday on YouTube. The series features Josh and Fav, and is produced and edited by Mike.

GG Review: Our video game review series can be found on YouTube.

Streaming: Some events like E3, The Game Awards, etc. will be livestreamed on our Twitch channel. We also plan to stream live let’s plays with the Groofs. VODs will likely be posted to YouTube.


On the Goodnight Groofs blogs you’ll finds news, commentary, features, and opinions from a variety of personalities with a variety of different tastes.